Homeschooling Support

Hopkins Education Services provides the resources and support needed to make ensure the best possible homeschooling experience for ou and your family. If you are new to homeschooling and need a coach to help you get started, we have what you’re looking for. See more about our homeschooling support services below. 

Home Schooling

A Coach in Your Corner

If you’re not sure what homeschooling options you have and you’d like someone to partner with you through the process, consider a Hopkins family education coach. This specialist will:

  • support your whole family during this time, from setting up structures and routines in the home, to making sure homework is completed and targets are met.

  • encourage you and be a supportive ear for you as you continually switch roles between parent and teacher.

  • help you troubleshoot issues as they arise through the year and create a plan for moving forward.


If you’re providing assignments, tests, and papers to your child, then why not have trained and qualified teachers take the grading off your hands? A Hopkins Coach can:

  • give you timely and specific feedback so you’ll know how well your child is progressing in each subject.

  • provide interventions or supplemental resources to deepen their understanding.


New to homeschooling? We will assist you in:

  • selecting the right curriculum for your child’s home-school year based on their learning style. 

  • developing an education plan for the year.

Homeschooling and IEPs

Already have assessments and an IEP? Our team is ready to analyze any assessments, data, and educuation plans you already have to develop a homeschooling plan for your child while helping support IEP goals. Our coaches will help you and your child get the most from the homeschooling experience, regardless of your child's abilities. 

Doing Homework