With COVID-19 changing the landscape of education on a seemingly daily basis, Hopkins Ed is here to provide you and your family with the resources and support you’ll need to navigate the adventure of schooling your child from home this school year.

Whether or not your child struggled with online learning this past spring, the new school year will likely bring new challenges this fall. The novelty of learning from home has worn off for many students. For others, missing their friends is a constant anxiety. We know the virus itself has impacted families in countless other ways, which requires a customized education plan. Our education coaches are here to help you create and execute a plan for how your child is going to get meaningful learning experiences this year, make progress toward personal academic goals, and build the resilience necessary to get through these difficult and challenging times.


Professional Education Coaches in your Corner

Whether your kids are new to online learning or you’ve been schooling your own children for a while, Hopkins is fully equipped to help you and your kids stay on track with online learning. We will be that professional in your corner who is checking the boxes, providing accountability, and helping your children make significant academic progress this school year. Regardless of your family’s situation and your child’s ability level, Hopkins is here to support you.

Our coaches trained in the trauma resilience model can provide mindfulness coaching for the whole family to help ease anxieties brought on by all the extra stressors in your life. Highly qualified education coaches can target academic subject areas to provide systematic instruction at your child’s level and help your child build resilience. You can even sign your kids up for group sessions like yoga and book club!


Below you will find the list of academic and social emotional learning (SEL) support services we are offering to families who are looking for support as we start the new school year in a pandemic. All of our plans are customizable to your family’s unique situation. Read more about our services below, then contact us to create a plan that makes schooling through a pandemic a lot easier on your whole family.


Online and Safely in Home

 You can rely on Hopkins Education Services to bring consistent award winning tutoring and mindfulness coaching ONLINE to keep your child learning during the COVID-19 health crisis. While classroom teachers are managing the needs of dozens of children, your Hopkins Education Coach will focus on the needs of your child and provide the one-on-one support they need to thrive.


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Knowing is Half the Battle

With the abrupt transition to online learning to finish the school year, many parents are left wondering how much their child really learned during the spring and how prepared are they to start the new year?  We offer diagnostic assessments to determine the impact of “Covid Slide” and an education plan needed to get your child back on track.
Already have assessments and an IEP? Our team is ready to analyze any assessments you already have to develop a homeschooling plan for your child.


Students Taking Note

Committed to Quality Assessments

  Get an in-depth look at your child's academic progress with a comprehensive academic achievement test. Hopkins utilizes the KTEA-3, TOWL-4, and ABAS-3 assessments that can determine if your child requires intervention support and a plan to help them reach their full potential.


Fostering a Joy of Reading

Kids gain an authentic appreciation for books by reading them with friends and discussing them with a professional reading teacher. Our online book clubs will meet consistently to read and discuss books, focusing on an appreciation of reading as well as comprehension and critical thinking skills. Kids will make friends, have opportunities to talk about things that are important to them in the structure of a small group, and will learn about the world around them through reading high quality books. We will go the extra mile to ensure all materials are delivered to your door.


Because You are Not a Teacher by Trade

  If you’re homeschooling this year and providing assignments, tests, and papers to your child, then why not have trained and qualified teachers take the grading off your hands? A Hopkins Coach can give you timely and specific feedback so you’ll know how well your child is progressing in each subject and provide interventions or supplemental resources to deepen their understanding. New to homeschooling? We will assist you in selecting the right curriculum for your child’s home-school year based on their learning style and then develop an education plan for the year.


Accessing Education Plans

Hopkins partners with Duguay Educational Consulting and Advocacy, to help you navigate the world of IEPs and special education in your district, especially this year with so many unknowns. Our coaches will work on academic and SEL goals with your child during virtual or in-person tutoring sessions. Hopkins coaches and partners are expertly trained in special education, and are up to date on the most current laws and regulations for children with disabilities. We can be the expert you need on your team to make the most of your child’s learning experience, even during a pandemic.


Access to Educational Entertainment

Subscribe to the Hopkins site, you’ll gain access to scaffolded work, mindfulness videos, social stories, and other exclusive content ONLY for subscribers. You'll also have access to the Liz and Corey in the Morning Show, with extension activities. Over 3 hours per week of additional educational fun!


How Resilient is Your Child?

Gain valuable insight into your child’s emotional health with the Emotional Quotient Inventory: Youth Version. This survey is designed to measure emotional intelligence in young people, 7-18 years of age. Emotional Intelligence involves the ability to understand oneself and others, relates to peers and family members, and adapt to changing environmental concerns and demands through managing emotions.


Leveled, Targeted, & Systematic

In this online learning model, a highly qualified educator teaches a small group of children who are working on the same learning targets. These groups are subject-specific (math, writing, reading, etc). They give the child the opportunity to work directly with the teacher as well as have peer interactions that can enhance the learning even more.


A Professional in Your Corner

If you’re not sure what online learning is going to look like for your family this year, and you’d like someone to partner with you through the process, consider a Hopkins family education coach. This specialist will support your whole family during this time, from setting up structures and routines in the home, to making sure homework is completed and targets are met. They will also encourage you and be a supportive ear for you as you continually switch roles between parent and teacher. They can help you troubleshoot issues as they arise through the year and create a plan for moving forward.


Meditation and Movement

Hopkins Ed is offering online yoga classes throughout the week that are perfectly adapted for elementary-aged students. In these 30-minute sessions, students will participate in a combination of functional yoga exercises, breathing and visualizations, stories about processing emotions, and gratitude journaling and drawing. These activities are led by certified yoga teachers.


Structured Language Intervention

Dyslexia is one of the most common language-based learning differences. Learners of all ages with dyslexia think differently, and need to be taught differently as well. Hopkins coaches are highly trained in utilizing systematic, structured literacy instruction and intervention to help students learn to read and write with confidence. 


Backyard Small Groups

Micro-schooling, or pod learning, is a small group of students from the same school/grade who receive instruction from a licensed educator in a family's backyard. This is especially appropriate for younger children who may struggle with online learning. If you'd like to organize a group in your neighborhood, contact us to discuss your needs.


Developing A Growth Mindset

We deliver functional mindfulness as it relates to education and learning.  With a mindful approach to learning, you develop a growth mindset and resilience  to overcome academic challenges. During these difficult times you can choose one-on-one coaching for your child, or opt for the whole family coaching model, in which family members can work together on a mindful plan to set the whole family up for success this school year.


Structured and Supportive

Social groups are a great way for kids to socialize with each other in a structured setting facilitated by a specialist. Students are grouped together with 3-4 kids per group. Together, they listen to and discuss social stories, talk about shared experiences and interests, and practice reading and using appropriate social cues.


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