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Cleaner Water Thanks to Greenway

The Greenway Foundation is an amazing non-profit focused on cleaning up the South Platte River and make it a good and healthy river. Three reasons they stand out is they educate young kids teaching them to care about the river, reconnecting the communities, and keeping the river clean. The Greenway Foundation does need support from citizens so that they can keep the river in a healthy condition.

Firstly, the Greenway foundation provides environmental education by having students do things in groups to help them learn about responsibility which will then help them succeed later in life.

It will also teach the kids with greater pride and ownership in the community. The Greenway Foundation has a caring and dedicated staff. One of those people is Rachel Gillette, she is the grants and education director, she has been working with the Greenway foundation since 2009. The Greenway Foundation has amazing volunteer opportunities which I learned about when talking with Rachel. Some of these are: fishing, Riverfest, family events, collecting trash off streets, and many more. Rachel chose working at the Greenway foundation because she could, “Work outdoors and impact the future.”

Secondly, the Greenway foundation educates kids at a young age so they know how to be a positive part of their community when they’re older. The Greenway foundation has also placed gutter collectors in storm drains to keep the trash out. Recently other organizations have been wanting to install gutter collectors. “ The Denver Zoo has been thinking about placing some.” Says Rachel. This would be good for the city because it would stop trash from getting into our rivers because the zoo can be a place where trash can be dropped and it can get into our river. Which would help the environment and the city.

Finally, the Greenway Foundation works on keeping the river clean. They do this by having volunteer opportunities for people to come to the South Platte river and clean up the trash in and around the river these are called South Platte stewardship. People can help the river by, “Cleaning out trash, and staying involved.” says Rachel. The Greenway also wants to preserve and protect the South Platte and connect the residents that are near there. That way those people can learn how important the South Platte river is and how important it is to take care of it.

All in all the greenway foundation does a lot of things like educating kids and adults, reconnecting communities, and keeping the South Platte river clean. So how can someone like you help the mission of the Greenway foundation and keep the river clean? Well for starters you can volunteer at events to help pick up trash and you can just walk around the city picking up trash. Also the South Platte river isn’t just in Denver the South Platte goes as far as the Gulf of Mexico so when you pick up trash in Denver you aren’t just helping Denver you’re helping tons of other places.

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