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Pandemic Pets!

After a year of social isolation and adapting to pandemic living, many people have taken comfort from a new addition to their family in the form of fur, scales, purrs, and tails! From oh-so-cute puppies and kittens to a new pet gecko, Hopkins clients have discovered the joys of loving and owning a new pet during the pandemic. “Contact with pets helps reduce stress and anxiety, particularly when you are experiencing a stressful situation,” says professor and researcher Megan Mueller, who studies human relationships with pets. Check some of the awesome new pets that have joined Hopkins families in the past year!

Meet Dashi, Avery and Vivienne’s newest family member! Dashi is a playful pup who enjoys helping clean the dishes. Avery and Vivienne enjoy caring for Dashi by taking him on walks, feeding him, and playing with him every day.

Hi! My name is Jackson and I have a Fancy Leopard Gecko. Did you know that fancy Leopard geckos can sense food from a really far distance? I chose to name my pet Leo because the name ‘Leo’ is in Leopard gecko. Did you know that if a Leopard gecko gets too stressed, their tails can fall off? I think this is really amazing that their tails can grow back in just 5 years! Getting a pet during COVID times feels good because I never knew I liked geckos so much until I realized that having a pet during COVID times is a lot of responsibility. It is nice to have a friend at home to play with whenever I want. As you can see, Leopard geckos have a lot of cool abilities and are nice friends to have at your house as a pet.

Meet Diesel, the newest member of Neveen's family! Diesel is a cane corso, which is an Italian breed of mastiff. This puppy is still growing into his size, and loves to chew on shoes, rocks, sticks, toys... pretty much everything! He like to play a lot and helps Neveen feel safe, because "he always knows when something is going on."

Meet Max's new puppy, Nikko! Nikko is a playful puppy who loves to snuggle!

Meet Ms. Stephanie's newest pet, Travis Barker! This sweet, goofy, lovable rescue loves to play and explore, and always looks adorable!

From Ms. Wendy’s family: We got a puppy in May! They told us “Pee Wee” was the runt of his litter and would be about 45 pounds. Well, he is 80 pounds at 11 months! He is 12.5% German Shepherd, Husky, German Short-haired Pointer and Lab. He is 37.5% some sort of pit bull and 12.5% mystery breed. One of our children has ADD and anxiety and he has helped her immensely. We highly recommend regular training, and walks, as well as teaching commands like sit, stay, down, and off. Brody loves dirty ponds but cries during his entire bath at home. He is a loving mutt that thinks every dog is his new best friend!

Meet Lewis and Duncan’s new dog, Cash Money! He brings much joy, love, and playfulness to to their lives every day. From Cash's human: "On one side he is American Bulldog and Boxer. On the other he is American Staffordshire Terrier and Saint Bernard! He is 100% good boy."

This is Romeo, Charley's new wheaten terrier. He's a super friendly dog, and loves to go for walks and meet new people!

Claire's family adopted two kitten brothers, Barrett and Boston. Claire says the best part about these new pets is spending time with them and taking care of them. They are playful, easy to care for, and so much FUN! Barrett used to be shy, but now he's the rambunctious one!

Thanks to all the Hopkins coaches and families who provided pictures and stories of their new pandemic pets!



I love seeing all these cute pets! Lulu approves!

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