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Hopkins values strong partnerships with community organizations, schools and districts, local businesses, and corporations, and sees these collaborative efforts as the key to supporting student success on a larger scale. Read more to learn about partnering with Hopkins, and the benefits that result. 

Many districts and schools utilize our staff to provide compensatory services to students with unique educational needs. In addition to compensatory services, we provide staff and para trainings and professional development on inclusive practices, and best practices for working with students with learning challenges. We also offer educational assessment services and IEP support. We can help your staff create meaningful education plans for students that will help them thrive both in and out of school. The services we provide to districts are unique to the needs of each population. We can customize a plan that works for the needs of your school or district. Contact us to learn more.


We collaborate with education advocates, including parent advocates, who are tirelessly working to improve the quality of education received by their child or student. We will come to the table with you to create and support a plan that is in the best interest of the child and their family. Contact us to learn more about advocacy partnerships.

Business Meeting

Corporations & Businesses

Businesses big and small choose to partner with Hopkins because of the way our collaborative efforts positively impact the communities we serve. Do you have a business that works with or directly serves the special needs community? Let's connect and discuss ways a partnership could benefit your business.

Pupils in Greenhouse

Community Organizations

We collaborate with a variety of community organzations to fulfill a wide range of needs. From providing after-school and summer services, to staff trainings, and collaborative content projects, we're here to help your organization find creative solutions for supporting student growth.

Collaborative Project Examples

In collaboration with the Smithsonian Science Education Center, Hopkins created a series of training videos for science teachers of English language learners. 

Hopkins worked in partnership with The Greenway Foundation to create and implement an inclusivity training to all staff members of their summer programming.

Hopkins provides after school tutoring groups at select Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver. These groups cover reading, math, mindfulness, and more.

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