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At Hopkins Education Services (HES) we provide families and individuals with the knowledge guidance, compassion, and support they need to transform their child's potential into success.  Our mindful approach to tutoring, assessment, and academic and post-secondary planning allows parents and families to feel supported and confident in education and life.



Mindful Academic Support

At Hopkins Education Services we are dedicated to supporting children on their unique academic paths. For this reason, all of our tutors have earned their Master's degree in Education and have at least 5 years of classroom teaching experience, preparing them to overcome potential tutoring challenges.  Our tutors provide professional tutoring services for students of all abilities, from gifted and talented to special needs and anywhere in between. 


Get an in depth look at your child's academic progress

Quality, formal assessments are crucial when developing a comprehensive education plan for students at all ability levels.  At Hopkins Education Services we offer affordable, third party educational assessments for families who are looking for a closer look and better understanding of how their child is progressing in one or more subjects. Our experts are skilled in administering low-stress assessments in literacy (reading, writing, and language skills), mathematics, and transition skills. All results are thoroughly explained for you to understand exactly where your child is at. We also suggest possible next steps toward success.


Professional guidance through the challenging times of change in education and life

Our transition team has over a decade of first-hand experience planning for post-secondary goals and success after public education.  Whether you are looking for the 'right' college to continue your education or expert guidance in search of a quality job or career, Hopkins Education Services is here to support you. Our compassionate team takes the time to get to know each client through interviews, assessments, and a review of academic records to develop a comprehensive transition plan to set you up for success. "We love it when a plan comes together!"


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