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In today's educational landscape, many students and families struggle with educational transitions, whether it's transitioning from one grade to the next, starting at a new school, or preparing for what comes  after high school. We are here to support you with these transitions, every step of the way.


We will listen to your family's unique needs and develop a life plan for your child with special needs. Our person centered planning allows us to develop a plan specific to your young adult's needs; we DON'T make them fit into a set program model to be successful. From job support to community involvement, our coaches are here to empower independent living.

Services Include:

  • Assessment – TPI2

  • Evaluation for schools to see if they are a good fit for kids with special needs

  • Evaluation for businesses to see if they are a good fit for kids with special needs

  • Recommendations to go to schools (goals on IEP‘s, recommended classes to take, etc.)

  • Set up job shadow and training opportunities

  • Adaptive skills assessment- ready to be on their own at college? Options… also available is coaching on adaptive and functional goals

  • Creating a portfolio to qualify for jobs including assessments, and evidence of need for support

  • Progress monitoring- ongoing goals once you’ve left formal education

  • Connecting to other networks, resources and community

  • Accessibility evaluation

  • Indicator 13 and 14 requirements

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We know that the transition from elementary to middle school is a dramatic shift for many families.  From selecting the perfect middle school to finding the right program for your special needs child we are here to support you through transitions in your child's education.  From education assessments to school of choice support, the consultants at Hopkins Education Services are here to listen and support your family's goals.

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