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Support for Schools & Districts

"How can you support our district with assessments?"

Learn about the assessments we offer and how we utilize the data to maximize student growth.

Many districts and schools utilize our staff to provide compensatory services to students with unique educational needs. In addition to compensatory services, we provide staff and para trainings and professional development on inclusive practices, and best practices for working with students with learning challenges. We also offer educational assessment services and IEP support. We can help your staff create meaningful education plans for students that will help them thrive both in and out of school. The services we provide to districts are unique to the needs of each population. We can customize a plan that works for the needs of your school or district. Contact us to learn more. 

"Our school district is thrilled to be working with Hopkins Education Services to support two very special learners. Thanks to their incredible efforts, these students are flourishing in their educational environment! But that's not all!

The Hopkins team are true collaborators. They've not only empowered our students, but they've also helped our staff learn new ways to support them. With Corey and Elizabeth at the helm, this phenomenal support service is making a huge difference for both students and educators alike!"

C.W., Executive Director of Student Services

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