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Sloth video
Olivia supported by Education Coach Elizabeth Hopkins

Sloth video

When Olivia, age 6, started first grade in the fall of 2020, she expected that she would be remote learning for much of the year. As a bright and inquisitive student, she wanted to use this time to learn about the things that really spark her curiosity. So Olivia and her Hopkins coach, Ms. Liz, dedicated their learning time to researching sloths, a topic of great interest to Olivia. The more Olivia read, watched, and learned about sloths, the more she wanted to keep learning! After a few weeks of honing her research skills, Olivia and her coach discussed creating a “magic book,” a special and fun way of displaying all her newly learned information about sloths. Once the idea began to take shape, Olivia worked week after week, researching, reading, taking notes, discussing, asking questions, and researching some more. Together, she and Ms. Liz discussed what information to include, how to organize and present the information, and all the artistic choices and design elements for each section of the “magic book.” Watch the video to see Olivia’s “magic book” about sloths, and find out what makes it so magical! This video captures the culmination of Olivia’s hours and weeks of hard work and dedication to completing a project that she is proud of. When asked what’s the most amazing thing she learned about sloths while doing this project, Olivia shared that “the whole thing is amazing. I didn’t know anything about sloths before this!” And now, as you’ll see from this video, she’s a bit of an expert ;) Enjoy!
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