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Groups for Neurodiverse Learners


Since the pandemic, the number of homeschooling families with neurodivergent learners (including ASD and IDD) in Colorado has soared. Many families opt for homeschooling due to the need for individualized instruction and specialized support, despite limited professional resources for support. In response to this need, Hopkins has created inclusive and high-quality programming for homeschooling families of neurodivergent learners. We now offer social skills groups, functional skills groups, and parent support groups to provide comprehensive support and address the unique needs of this population. Read more about our group offerings below.


Social Skills Superheroes

A 10-week in-person social skills group in a structured and supportive setting where participants can learn and practice interpersonal skills. Hopkins Coaches guides learners through various activities, discussions, and exercises aimed at improving their social abilities.

Ages 5-7, 8-13

“F.L.A.S.H.” The Functional Learning and Skills Hub

A 10-week in-person program teaching essential functional and life skills. Hopkins Coaches guide learners through activities and discussions,  emphasizing the importance of collaboration and growth.​

Ages: 10-16

Next Steps Navigators: Transition Planning for Teens and Young Adults

 A 10-week in-person program designed for teens and young adults who want to navigate the exciting transition from school to the next phase of their lives with confidence and clarity. Hopkins Coaches lead students through community-based learning opportunities and help students develop the skills they need to move into adult life with confidence and ease.

Ages: 16-21

Parent Champions: Empowering Homeschool Educators with Unique Learners 

A 10-week program for homeschool parents of neurodivergent learners,   focusing on using best practices in special education to support their unique learners. Sessions are facilitated by professional educators who homeschool just like you! Sessions weekly online and in person. Online sessions are recorded and added to the Parent Virtual Resource Library.

Group Prices:

Limited Time Introductory Offer:

$20/session ($200 for 10-week program)


Parent group prices are per family, not per parent



Summer Sessions

July 22- Sept 20

Fall Sessions

Sept 30 - Nov 30



Foothills Park and Rec (Jefferson County)

Castlewood Library (Arapahoe County)

Parker Library (Douglas County)

More locations coming soon!

Learn more and Enroll Here

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Since the pandemic, students have been playing catch-up on their academic and social-emotional learning.If you're feeling like your child has fallen behind and is struggling to catch up or not enjoying school like they used to, Hopkins is here to help. We are fully equipped to help you and your kids get back on track. We will be that professional in your corner who is checking the boxes, providing accountability, and helping your children make significant academic progress. Regardless of your family’s situation and your child’s ability level, Hopkins is here to support you.

Hopkins certified Education Coaches can provide mindfulness coaching for the whole family to help ease anxieties brought on by all the extra stressors from the past few years. Highly qualified education coaches can target academic subject areas to provide systematic instruction at your child’s level while helping your child build resilience. Whatever your current needs are, we have something for you.


Professional Education Coaches in your Corner


Below you will find the list of academic and social emotional learning (SEL) services we are offering to families who are looking for additional support. All of our plans are customizable to your family’s unique situation. Read more about our services below, then contact us to create a plan that can make the school year a lot easier on your whole family.


In Home or Online

You can rely on Hopkins Education Services to provide consistent, award-winning tutoring and mindfulness coaching to your child. While classroom teachers are managing the needs of dozens of children, your Hopkins Education Coach will focus on the needs of your child and provide the one-on-one support they need to thrive.


Smiling Student

Academic and Social Groups

Hopkins Homeschool groups provide opportunities for social interaction, extracurricular activities, and support for both parents and students. Attend educational workshops and co-op classes. Hopkins groups foster friendships, provide a sense of belonging, and offer resources for curriculum recommendations and educational guidance.


Committed to Quality Assessments

Get an in-depth look at your child's academic progress with a comprehensive academic achievement test. Hopkins utilizes the KTEA-3, TOWL-4, and ABAS-3 assessments that can determine if your child requires intervention support and a plan to help them reach their full potential.


From One Milestone to the Next

As your child moves from one school, grade, or life phase to the next, Hopkins is here to support you. Transitions can be difficult and cause anxiety for kids of all ages, and Hopkins can help make all those transitions more seamless. If your child has special needs and you would like support with transition planning, reach out to a Hopkins Coach to learn all the ways we can support you.


Chess Playing

Developing A Growth Mindset

We deliver functional mindfulness as it relates to education and learning.  With a mindful approach to learning, kids develop a growth mindset and the resilience needed to overcome academic challenges. During these difficult times, you can choose one-on-one coaching for your child, or opt for the whole family coaching model, in which family members can work together on a mindful plan to set the whole family up for success.


Child at Psychologist

Accessing Education Plans

Hopkins partners with Duguay Educational Consulting and Advocacy, to help you navigate the world of IEPs and special education. Our coaches work on academic and SEL goals with your child during virtual or in-person tutoring sessions. Hopkins coaches and partners are expertly trained in special education, and are up to date on the most current laws and regulations for children with disabilities. We can be the expert you need on your team to make the most of your child’s learning experience.

Throwing Caps

Meryl Duguay, Educational Advocate

Educational Advocacy-

In the Denver area, we partner with Duguay Educational Consulting and Advocacy to ensure that students with disabilities receive the services and accommodations they need, and that parents know their rights in the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process. If your child is not meeting their emotional, social, or academic potential, an educational advocate can help. 

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