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Most parents who first discover Hopkins Education Services are searching for an academic tutor for their child who is struggling in school.  The parents who contact us and sit down for a free consultation quickly realize that they are getting much more than a standard tutor.  At HES we call ourselves Individualized Education Coaches (IECs).  An IEC is a masterful educator who provides academic support at the child’s ability level, and personalizes learning so that information/skills are engaging and easily retained.  An IEC is skilled in fostering resilience and a growth mindset in youth so that future academic challenges become less daunting. Individualized Education Coaches use mindfulness techniques to train a child’s brain to see opportunity in challenges and excitement in learning.



Developing the WHOLE child

At Hopkins Education Services we take a mindful approach to academic support. Research shows that student achievement is influenced by the mindset of the child.  Many times negative self-talk and low self-confidence create obstacles towards a child's academic progress and personal success. At HES we integrate lessons of mindfulness into a student’s session, developing academic confidence.  We help to develop flexible minds that tackle challenges with excitement.



Level of Services


Level of Services


Level of Services


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