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Kindness Corner: Be Your Own Hero

Author and school counselor Lisa King has come out with a wonderful new children's book, Be Your Own Hero. In this book, children learn that heroes may become famous because of their acts of bravery, but it is because of who they are as a person that makes them worth remembering and emulating. “Not all heroes are famous. Heroes are just ordinary people who have discovered the power inside them to make the world a better place.” (p. 32) This book teaches kids what it takes to be a real life hero. The story is told from the perspective of a student as she goes through her school days, interacting with classmates and teachers.

What we really like about this book is that it was created for an upper elementary audience. Many books that are written for kids about being heroes or superheroes tend to Target a much younger population. Sometimes those stories feel too babyish to our older students even if the lesson is applicable to them. but in this book, the characters are a little bit older and the dialogue is much more natural for older students. The story is relatable to kids on many levels, and this fact helps the message to sink in that much more for readers. If you are looking for a story that helps your child to make good choices , have integrity and grit, and to generally be a Kinder person, then you should definitely check out Lisa King's Be Your Own Hero.


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