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Kindness Corner: Ninja Life Hacks - Emotions & Feelings

Fact - Kids love Ninjas. Whether it is Lego Ninjago or their favorite action movie, kids love the kicks and flips of ninjas. We have chosen the Ninja Life Hacks book series for our Kindness Corner selection this month. Mary Nhin has leveraged a child's love for ninjas to teach sometimes challenging social emotional skills. At Hopkins, we find the Ninja Life Hacks: Emotions & Feelings Box Set to be a good place to start into the Ninja books series of 50+ books. In the Emotions and Feelings box set you have 8 books to read with your child, covering topics like: anger, kindness, laziness, helpfulness, and positive thinking. Amy Ninh does an excellent job of blending current kid trends into the struggles of young ninjas as they learn social skills and grow together. In each book a new ninja struggles with a social skill and finds ways to navigate to a positive solution. This series is perfect for kids grades 1-5 and will even get a giggle out of moms and dads.

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