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Kindness Corner: The Awfulizer

This weeks Kindness Corner book addresses a feeling that every child and adult has experienced, shame. When things go wrong and we let ourselves and others down we feel shame. In The Awfulizer, author Kristin Maher teaches children the emotions around shame and how to overcome them. In turning shame into a big hairy monster with a tiny hat, Maher helps kids visualize the confusing feelings around shame. Throughout the story we watch the Awfulizer grow as the main character keeps shame and difficult feeling to himself. In learning to share his emotions with others and using strategies to manage his embarrassment the Awfulizer, and shame, quickly shrink. With fun illustrations and thoughtful dialogue between characters, children will not feel alone with their tough emotions. Build resilience and self confidence in your 'shy' child with the Awfulizer: Learning to overcome the shame game.


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