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Kindness Corner: Don't Feed the WorryBug

This month in the Hopkins Kindness Corner we are sharing a book that comes with a stuffed animal (a great holiday gift). Andi Green has create a world of WorryWoos that entertain and educate children about the emotions that we all experience (worry, frustration, loneliness, etc.)

During 2020 it seems that all we've been doing is worry. Worrying is the result of our mind looking to the future, predicting the bad things that could happen. What we fail to remember is that worry is based in a fantasy world. If we can be more mindful of the moment, the future remains brighter and we become more resilient. Don't Feed the WorryBug by Andi Green, is the perfect illustration of how our worries can overwhelm us and the importance of being mindful.The story of Don't Feed the WorryBuy follows the main monster, Wince, through his week at school and home.

We soon find out that Wince is not excited about all the activities he has planned and is feeling overwhelmed. Things that once brought Wince his joy have become a worry and a chore. His worry takes form as the WorryBug who grows bigger with each new worry. Andi Green does an excellent job of making the concept of worry more approachable and meaningful for K-5 students with her whimsical rhymes on each page.

What we especially love about this book, and the rest in the WorryWoo series, is the stuffed monsters that accompany each book, helping make the story come to life. The combination of book and stuffed animal also makes for a great holiday gift for any elementary aged child. You can find this book and more from the Andi Green and the WorryWoo series at and for purchase on Amazon.


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