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Kindness Corner: Just Ask!

Just Ask! by Sonia Sotomayor is a heartfelt book about being different and being proud of those differences. With the stunning illustrations of Rafael Lopez (Dancing Hands & Book Fiesta!) Chief Justice Sotomayor teaches kindness through curiosity, as kids of all backgrounds and abilities ask questions to learn about their friends. We are reminded that like a beautiful garden, we are all different. We all know that children are curious and ask questions about things that are different. This is a great opportunity to teach kindness and inclusion through understanding of what makes people unique.

From needing to give yourself daily insulin shots to the reading struggles that come with dyslexia author Sotomayor eloquently models how to speak with children about acceptance. Parents and children alike will love the colorful illustrations and caring explanations of what it means to have Autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, Tourettes syndrome, and many more. Teacher's will appreciate the message of inclusivity and how to be curious with kindness. Learning that with a kind heart and the right question we can see the beauty that differences bring us. Just Ask!

1 Comment

Leslie P
Leslie P
Sep 25, 2021

Thanks forr posting this

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