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Kindness Corner: No One But You

This month's Kindness Corner book is a visual masterpiece and wonderful reminder that we each experience the world through unique eyes. As winter moves into spring and children experience the change of the seasons No One But You by Douglas Wood reminds us of the special (and mindful) ways we interact with the world around us. What better way to be kind to yourself than to take a moment to learn about and enjoy nature. Look closely at the ladybug, walk barefoot through the puddle, or tend to a budding flower blossom. No One But You will capture the the attention of children and adults alike with P.J. Lynch's stunning illustrations that bring both a turtle's watery home and a sunny dandelion field to life. Each page is an experience in being mindful and kind to yourself. Reminding us that no one but you can experience the world through your eyes and learn through those experiences. As an educator it reminds me to slow down and be open to the learning that children are doing every moment when they stop and ask a question about their surroundings.

Knowing that no one but you, their parent or teacher, can answer that question and show them how to be grateful for the rain, bees, stars, and weeds. Being kind enough to ourselves to slow down and be mindful of the small wonders in the world allows us to spread kindness to others. You can start by reading No One But You to the special child(ren) in your life.


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