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Kindness Corner: Steps & Stones

What do you do when things don't go your way? Do you pout and let your perceived injustices be heard by all or do you adjust your plans and find a way to be okay with the change?

The Kindness Corner book choice this month models how kids (and adults) can manage their anger while on their own at school or at play. Steps and Stones, Gail Silver's second story, focuses on a young boy, Ahn, and his complicated relationship with his anger, and tackles challenges children face during their school day.

When Anh's recess plans are foiled and his friends call him a 'baby' Ahn's anger shows up. Anger tempts Ahn to get his revenge, but Ahn is able to pause and use his mindful breathes to send his anger off with the calming breeze. A calm Ahn is able to remain kind and soon finds new friends to play with.

With it's unique and engaging illustrations Steps and Stones: An Ahn's Anger Story is a wonderful visual and social story. We have personally seen children on the autism spectrum connect with this story and internalize the walking and breathing practice modeled by Ahn in the story and practiced with their education coach. If your child struggles with their relationships at school and during playtime, then Steps and Stones is a great story to start the discussion of what to do when things don't go your way.


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