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Kindness Corner: The Farmer

This month in Kindness Corner we highlight the work of a local author/illustrator Mark Ludy. His children's book, The Farmer, is a story of resilience and kindness. We found this book at one of the many art fairs in Denver back in the summer of 2016. Mark Ludy's art caught our attention and his book, The Farmer, captured our hearts. It follows the life of a caring and mindful farmer who loves his animals and is hopeful for each new growing season. When the friendly farmer faces challenges and must sell some of the animals he holds dear to keep his farm alive we learn of sacrifice. In the face of constant challenges the farmer maintains his hope and stays focused on his passion, his growing garden. In the end the farmer's kindness shines bright as he can afford to share his bounty with others in need. A wonderful story to teach the importance of hope, kindness, and sacrifice. You can learn more about The Farmer and Mark Ludy's work here.


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