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Kindness Corner: I Won't Quit

What does it mean to be kind to yourself? We may know how to treat others with kindness, but how do we show ourselves kindness? One way is to believe in yourself and never give up. This is the focus for this month’s kindness corner selection, I Won’t Quit! by Danny McGill.

Meet Cady, who is determined to accomplish her goals with her can-do attitude. Cady presents the reader with a variety of situations that most kids face, and talks about the emotions that come up for her. For example, that feeling of frustration when you struggle with something like tying your shoes--Cady feels that too. But she won’t give up, and neither should you! She presents fun, silly, creative solutions to overcoming obstacles that stand in her way. She teaches readers to acknowledge how some difficult situations make you feel, then find your own unique solution to solving the problem.

The pictures in the book make the story come alive for children of all ages. The silly, whimsical, and playful all come together to teach readers an important lesson about perseverance and believing in yourself.


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