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Kindness Corner: We Don't EAT Our Classmates!

A story for ages young and old about how to treat others.

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates, by Ryan T. Higgins, is the story of Penelope, a young T-Rex starting school for the first time. In the book, Penelope struggles to make friends, because, well, her classmates are children, and children are delicious! This book will entertain all readers, and kids will love both the language of the story as well as the details in the pictures on every page. The overarching message of the story teaches kids about how our actions have consequences. If we want to make friends, we cannot “eat” them. This book is a great conversation starter about the different ways we interact with our peers and how without meaning to, sometimes we “eat” them instead of befriending them. Every time we read this book with students, they find new details to enjoy and cherish. This is definitely a book for your permanent collection!


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