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Kindness Corner: Discover Mr. Wolf's Class

Mr. Wolf’s Class is the graphic novel series by Eisner Award winning cartoonist and elementary school teacher Aron Nels Steinke. Our Education coaches recommend this graphic novel series because it both models kindness in the classroom and also allows kids to grow with the students in Mr. Wolf's class. From the 1st day of school, to a classmate's birthday, and an entertaining rat mystery in Hazelwood Elementary reluctant readers are engaged and feeling proud about reading a longer chapter book. There are now 4 books in the series; Mr. Wolf's Class, Mystery Club, Lucky Stars, & Field Trip.

With the fifth book Snow Day coming in Spring of 2022.

Many of the events that happen in Mr. Wolf's class happen in real classrooms and help students problem solve real word issues. Hopkins Education Coaches use the series to teach the reading skills of making inferences and drawing conclusions.


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