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Kindness Corner: Hey Warrior - A Book for Kids about Anxiety

Hold on tight and get ready for an adventure inward! Hey Warrior, by Karen Young, is a children’s book about anxiety that allows them to step into a world where they are in control of difficult emotions. Founder of, Karen Young ‘brings the science of psychology to the art of being human,’ and in Hey Warrior, she brings our amygdala to life and our anxiety is more tangible.

Children and adults learn the signs of anxiety (in the mind and body), why anxiety happens, and strategies to manage it. The students with whom we have shared it have absolutely adored the illustrations by Norvile Dovidonyte, as they meet their ‘warrior’ amygdala. The conversational style of the story allows children to interact with the tale while practicing mindful breathing techniques to calm their anxious minds. The book also includes a “Cool Things About Me” checklist that empowers kids to look at themselves in a more positive way, and reminds parents of the qualities that make their child special and unique. A wonderful read for the classroom and an essential read for parents and their children, Hey Warrior will not disappoint.


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