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Kindness Corner: Superheros are Everywhere

Have you ever wondered if there are really superheroes out there, saving the day and making people’s lives better? Well look no further than this month’s Kindness Corner for the answer! In honor of Madame Vice President Kamala Harris, we have selected Superheroes Are Everywhere, by Kamala Harris. This beautifully illustrated picture book is both empowering and joyful, and speaks directly to kids. Published in 2019 when Harris was a U.S. Senator, Superheroes Are Everywhere tells the story of young Kamala, and her discovery of everyday superheroes. Readers take a journey through her life and discover that we all hold the power to make the world a better place, and that superheroes are sprinkled into our everyday lives. Like how her sister is a superhero because she would always cheer Kamala up as a kid, and was someone Kamala could always count on. Harris includes her own family photos, shares personal anecdotes from her life, and gives timely advice to kids of all ages about doing what’s right and seeking the good in others. Superheroes Are Everywhere is both fun and engaging, and encourages a positive attitude and growth mindset. It even includes a guide to being a superhero at the end of the book. Enjoy this treasure with your whole family and help your children recognize the superheroes in their own lives.


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