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Kindness Corner: Thank You Mind

We are excited to bring you this new addition to Kindness Corner-- it is a much needed resource for kids and parents! As we work with children and families coming out of a stressful time of living and learning in a pandemic, we are noticing kids' emotions are more fragile. The normal resilience we see in students is running low.

Thank you Mind, by Jennifer Cohen Harper, invites children to explore their emotions and manage feelings that can be overwhelming. The warm, inviting illustrations help kids connect with real world experiences that can be difficult to process. What we love about this book is that it guides parents and teachers on how to approach these challenging emotions in children. Children can learn from emotions like grieving, jealousy, envy, and curiosity, which are all modeled in this storybook. With messages such as, "when I remember what is true: who I am matters more than how well I do," and "I notice that others are struggling too, and don't always know just what to do," children are empowered to be more kind to themselves and others.


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